Welcome to Interactive Bible Shopping Site!

This is the Christian Games! Now! site for our Interactive Bible titles. Our games are a place to learn about the Bible while having fun.  They are similar to a platform game but in true 3D with lots of running, jumping and even sliding.  Imagine a 3D-Mario type game with 20 different worlds to explore!  These Interactive Bible games play within Windows, any version from Windows 98 to the latest!

GraceWorks Interactive runs Christian Games NOW and developed and published the Interactive Bible series. We are a distributor to Christian retailers, online stores, churches, youth centers, and direct to customers.

What is a site license?  Some folks don’t realize when you buy software, you typically are just buying the right to use the software or a license for use on one computing device.  Some licenses vary by letting you use it on any of your devices in your household (that is what all the fine print is when you install the software – also known as the cure for insomnia!).  But what if you have a computer lab full of devices that will be used at the same time by students?  There are many churches and Christian Schools that have this setup.  Instead of being required to buy one copy per computing device, you can get a site license that covers all the devices in your lab (or entire site).  By doing so, you will get a discounted price.  Just select the range representing how many devices at your site that you will install the educational software on.

What is a downloadable game?  Instead of installing the game from a physical CD (or USB or DVD), you download the bits over the Internet.  After downloading (and typically unzipping), the game can be installed directly by running setup.exe (or install.bat or setupgame.exe).  Then you can be playing right away.  This is the ideal delivery method for International Customers as the cost of shipping has increased dramatically.  It is also a great way to get up and running in the fastest manner possible!

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