Interactive Bible: Interactive Parables (Site License 21+)

$350.00 $150.00

Interactive Parables – Site License is a fun, non-violent 3D game with 24 lessons combining all of Jesus’ Parables. This license is for 21 or more PCs, $150


Interactive Parables is a fun, non-violent 3D game with 24 lessons combining all of Jesus’ Parables.  There are 20 different maps to choose from so hours and hours of gameplay.  The player collects keys, gems and power-up stars while testing the truth of pitfalls while answering questions based on the lesson at hand.
Several Bonuses of other Christian Game Demos included as well as the latest Version 2.0 release  on the CD-ROM.  Developed by W. Gregg Strawn, Tim Emmerich and GraceWorks Interactive.
This is the physical media version only. The game will be shipped to you once your order is complete. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery.
Have a computer lab in your church or Christian School? You can obtain a site license for Interactive Parables – where you pay a lower price but can install it on all computers at your facility – you’ll receive a few CDs and a license to install on all PCs.  It is prorated based on number of PCs – This license is for 21 or more PCs, $150
In 2013, The Interactive Parables was inducted into Family Friendly Gaming’s Hall of Fame!

The Interactive Parables Offers 24 Lessons and 20 Game Levels

  • The Debtors & the Great Pearl
  • The Friend at Midnight & 10 Virgins
  • The Good Samaritan
  • The Good Shepherd
  • The Growing Seed
  • The Lost Coin & Lost Sheep
  • The Prodigal Son
  • The Merciless Servant
  • The Mustard Seed & Yeast In Dough
  • The Rich Man & Lazarus
  • The Rich Young Fool
  • The Sheep & Goats
  • The Shrewd Manager
  • Two Sons & Barren Fig Tree
  • The Sower – Details
  • The Sower – Explained
  • The Talents and Minas
  • The Vineyard Workers
  • The Wedding & Great Banquets
  • The Weeds & Fishing Net
  • The Wicked Tenants
  • The Widow, Pharisees, & Tax Collectors
  • The Wineskin
  • The Wise Men

Game Levels

  • Simple
  • Floaters
  • One Floor
  • The Pyramid
  • Three Pyramids
  • Square Room
  • Pyramid Maze
  • The Wandering Path
  • Bizarre World
  • The Great Hall
  • Mole Hills
  • Standing Tall
  • The Mines
  • Chimneys
  • The Dark Castle
  • TriRoom
  • One Way
  • Barrel Factory
  • Leap Of Faith
  • Drum Room